The corporate identity or look & feel as the basis for the entire communication

We extend your corporate identity in the development of your offline and online communication. Our graphic designers have the necessary programs to take care of the above- and below-the-line communication. We are happy to develop an attractive and innovative image or concept that is in line with your corporate identity or look & feel.

Above-the-line communication

In the above-the-line campaigns, we take into account a broad audience, taking into account the target group, the medium and the message that is being conveyed. By means of a strong and attractive graphic design, we convince consumers about your brand, product or service.

We support this message by responding to:

  • television and radio commercials
  • billboards
  • newspaper and magazine advertisements
  • online banners.
  • Below-the-line communication

With the below-the-line communication, we are more likely to focus on a smaller and specific target group, responding to age, income or geographical indicators with an attractive design.

  • direct mail
  • email marketing
  • events, banners
  • sponsorships
  • public relations

Despite the influence of social media, this form of communication remains efficient to reach your target audience.

Marketing Mix

Communication with your customer will always be a mix between offline (above and below-the-line) and the online aspect. In everything we do, we use the budget as efficiently as possible to achieve the targets.

Our references for Offline marketing