Webdesign - tailored to the customer

A custom web design doesn't have to be expensive. After all, good preparation saves development time of the programmers and benefits the operation of your website. Stand out from the competition with a surprising design that has room for expansion into the future.

What you see is what you get!

On the basis of a digital sketch, we involve you personally in the digital development of your web solution. As a customer, you will be involved in this process to go through every detail of the intended end result. Only after the approval of the digital sketch do we start with the development.

This approach guarantees professionalism. Our customer knows in advance what to expect. The programmers know in advance what is required of them and that saves them time in the development phase of the website. As a result, only the code needed for the end result is written and this results in a fast website to guarantee a maximum customer experience and that is rewarded with a higher score in Google.

Responsive design is a no-brainer

A responsive design means that the website, webshop, app or platform is automatically adapted to the screen size of the device on which it is being viewed, whether this is a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. This ensures that the user always has an optimal experience, regardless of the device used.

We provide a clear and simple design that is uncluttered so that the user can quickly find what he or she is looking for. This can be done by using a clean layout, a logical structure and clear navigation.

Mobile First

With our responsive design, we start from the "Mobile First" principle where we ensure that only the necessary code is loaded for mobile devices. We therefore ensure that all files are as small as possible, so that data consumption on mobile devices is also limited. This will also ensure that the website will load faster.

Strong visual identity that reflects your company, organization, or product

It is essential to have a branding/brand identity in place before we start building your website, webshop, app or platform. By consistently using a certain color palette and typography, or by repeating certain visual elements, we reinforce the identity and ensure that the whole thing conforms to the customer's expectations.

Room for expansion into the future

By choosing your own design, you are also stronger for the future. The 'tailor-made solutions' can always be expanded. We can adjust additional functionalities such as chatbots or flowbots, the number of web pages and the visual aspects or animations to your wishes.

In addition, you have the option to integrate your website with ERP/CRM systems, giving you the opportunity to further optimize your business processes.

Simple back office

Our solutions are developed in Umbraco, a powerful tool suitable for building the largest websites. If you can work with a word processor, you can also manage the content of your website. It's intuitive and easy to use. If you're not sure, the preview feature allows you to preview your changes before posting them online. Moreover, we also offer training if you want to get a better grasp of the back office

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