Online store

The realization of a webshop requires some preparation.

Set your financial goals in advance and how you plan to achieve them. In the initial phase, consider the marketing of this distribution channel, because it deserves all the attention. Always think about what you can do better tomorrow than today.

And what is the cost of a webshop?

The cost of a webshop is the most frequently asked question with the answer "What are your expectations for your webshop?" First, let us determine which conditions your webshop must meet.

  • What information are you going to share on the webshop?
  • Determine the product categories you want to show on your webshop.
  • What specific details and information of your product do you want to make visible?
  • How are you going to keep the info up-to-date, manually, via import function or automatically?
  • How many product categories and products are we talking about?
  • How do you wish to handle the shipment of your product?
  • Is your webshop only for consumers or does it also have a login module?
  • What target groups are there and what information and prices should they see?
  • Which payment providers do you want to integrate?
  • What is the order flow? Is it different from the e-commerce platform?
  • What types of insurance will you provide?
  • Is there a different VAT story?
  • Would you like a link with an ERP/CRM package?
  • How are we going to approach SEO?
  • What types of promo do you want to launch?

Questions that need to be answered in a short analysis about your needs and processes within the company. This analysis is an absolute must before you start setting up a webshop.

Open Source = transparency is key

We strongly believe in a completely open e-commerce system whose source code is available to the developers and customers, so that we can always intervene quickly and cost-efficiently to support our customer. The advantage for our professionals is that they are never dependent on third parties to solve an issue and develop something for it.

Many e-commerce systems claim to be open source but in reality they are not. Our solution is 100% open source and all prices are publicly known. We focus on the integration of the solutions that have a positive effect on the existing project, the solution time and the price.

Only for very small webshops do we focus on smaller e-commerce solutions.

Expandable into the future

You will always realize a webshop for the coming years. If you later want to make links with underlying systems, such as an ERP, CRM or POS system, this is certainly possible.

Convincing web design of your webshop

After determining the objective and functionalities of your webshop, these are translated into a digital sketch that represents everything visually. You become an active part of the process, where we show you in an understandable and visual way what the final result will look like.

This webdesign phase is very important and determines how you respond to the needs and expectations of your customer. A beautiful design to give your customer a unique experience about your company or product should be the end result.

Once everything has been determined, the programmers get to work to realize the approved proposal.

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