Goodiebag sampling action SNCB Europe

SNCB Europe offers one platform for international train travel to and from Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria or Italy, among others.

SNCB Europe wanted to celebrate its international travelers in a positive way. We thought ... What better way to do that than with a gift.

Our assignment

Develop an eye-catching campaign with a 'limited' budget.

Our approach

In order to offer as much as possible and create visibility, we developed a sampling campaign in collaboration with several partners: Selectair travel, Allianz insurance, Euro Gijbels fruit, Rombouts coffee, Lipton soft drinks, Galler chocolate and McDonald's ... not the smallest.

These partners were contacted and followed up by us. For some of them, we also developed the accompanying flyers and brochures. As well as the complete coordination of the handling in the sheltered workshop and the sampling in the various international stations.

We came up with a nice concept with a well-known rhyme: I'm going on a trip with SNCB Europe and I'm taking ... the train!

All communication was carried out along the same lines: posters, carrier bags, presentation on screens in the stations and a facebook action.