Miers Mercedes-Benz Servicecenter


  1. Improve Online Visibility: Miers wanted to enhance its online presence and maintain a professional appearance consistent with the high-quality service it offers.
  2. Usability and Information Flow: The website needed to be not only visually appealing, but also easy to navigate so that visitors could quickly and intuitively find the information they needed about services, repairs, rentals and more.
  3. Responsive Design: Given the diversity of visitors, ranging from businesses to individuals, it was essential that the website be responsive on all devices.

Our Solution

  1. Sleek and Modern Design: We created a modern, clean design that reflects Miers' professional image. The website uses high-quality visual elements to emphasize the quality of services provided.
  2. Clear Navigation Structure: The website features a clear navigation structure that effortlessly guides the user through the various sections, such as services, rentals, history and contact information. The information is structured and easily accessible.
  3. Responsive Layout: To provide a consistent user experience, we provided a fully responsive layout that adapts to different screen sizes, from desktop to tablet and mobile.
  4. Content Management System (CMS): We integrated a user-friendly CMS that allows the Miers team to easily update content, add new information and upload photos without technical expertise.
  5. Focus on Service: The website places a strong emphasis on Miers' comprehensive services, with detailed information on maintenance, repairs, rentals, and its unique all-in-one mobility solutions.


Our collaboration with Miers resulted in a successful online presence that reflects the Mercedes-Benz service center's core values and excellent service. The new website not only improved the user experience but also helped to strengthen Miers' reputation as a leading mobility partner in the region.


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