The District of Hoboken wants to do everything possible to provide its seniors with activities that stimulate and motivate them. This is how this handy Seniors Brochure came about.

In this guide they will find all the important practical information and tips about home help, cab vouchers, but also information about activities for active and less active seniors.

Our mission

Design a handy concept, taking into account the existing house style.

The Seniors Brochure consists of 2 parts: Services and Leisure.

We chose a tête-bêche layout, making it easier for readers to navigate between the 2 parts.

Layout the 60-page guide into a clear and consistent whole, with a clear readable font. Brightening up the brochure with emotion and expressive photos. A fun challenge to make the brochure visually appealing AND respect the technical aspect of the tête-bêche.